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Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Take your pet shopping! You can walk with them in the Factory Gliwice outlet arcade and in selected stores.


At the Center you will find special bowls of water for your pet.


Stores where you can shop with your pet:

4F, Adidas, Alpine Pro, Amora, Bagatelle, Brand Collection, Bytom, Change Lingerie, Cross Jeans, Dajar, Intersport, Lancerto, Lavard, Lee Cooper, Levi's, ONLY, Paris Optique, Pepe Jeans, Regatta, United Colors of Benetton, Vistula, Volcano, Wittchen and So coffee.

Please follow a few safety rules:

- keep your dog on a leash and close to you,

- remember to take a kit for cleaning up after your pet,

- use available facilities according to their intended purpose,

- you are responsible for your pet, make sure it does not harm itself or others. Please respect other customers and their sense of comfort when shopping.


Thank you in advance for following the above rules.